A downloadable RPGMaker Game for Windows

The year is 2003, as Spring arrives in an unknown Canadian city. One urban youth with cabbage hair and big dreams has just decided to check out a subway stop far from his home,  in  order to kill time until dinner.

This is his story.

I've wanted to make a game for a hot minute, but never got around to it. While short and not particularly complex (It was made in RPGMaker after all), I'm quite pleased with the finished project. I did use 100% my own original artwork and music, so I think that it ain't too bad for a first game.

If you've ever played an RPGMaker game, you know the controls. If not:

Z, Enter, Space Bar = Confirm

X, Escape = Cancel / Menu

Arrow Keys = Selection / Movement

Other than that, it's pretty self explanatory. Check out my cool game, and tell your friends about it. 

Version 1.1: Fixed some gamebreaking bugs, adjusted balancing, made the subway puzzle make more sense, spiced up final boss background.

Version 1.2: It SHOULD be working properly now!

Install instructions

1. Download zip file.

2. Extract folder inside. 

3. Run Game.exe.


PromenadeWin.zip 191 MB


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Game looks kind of funny but the game broke on me. Said it couldn't find some howl.png. Luckily it broke with only a couple of minutes of playtime. Music was nice. I really like the art style!

thx lol. Yeah, I tried a bunch of times to get it to stop breaking but to no avail... Dw, you aren't missing out on much

Aw, don't say that. The game looked funny.

Well as a matter of fact, it looks like i'mma have a working(?) build uploaded soooooonish.
im making a way better game rn tho you should wait n play that instead

Cool man!

it is in fact up btw ^

This is just the beginning of your career dude, keep it up! Maybe find an artist(I'm interested)